I was a really, really good girl

I didn't break out the video camera last night after we brought Scrapper home. Poor baby, he was still seriously woozy from the surgery and INSISTED on coming out of his carrier earlier then the vet advised. Started a ruckus in it and he has this high pitched whine that makes me immediately go to him. So I let him out.

He couldn't walk.

Flopped everywhere, all over the living room.

Had a VERY hard time trying not to laugh at him.

Swooped him up and tucked him on the the spot I has set up for him to rest, he refused to stay still. Tired to snuggle him on my lap and I have some very nice new punctures in my knee as he insisted on getting down. Put him back in the carrier and repeat :P

Finally let him out and kept an eye on him as he wandered all over the living room. Eventually he got more steady, even insisted on climbing up on the table where we usually keep his food. Vet had said not to let him climb or jump, etc. Vet doesn't know the little snot very well. Got him some soft food and he snarfed it. Phoebe came in starving (we'd not put the food back out after taking Scrapper to the vet) and Scrapper climbed in the food bin. He's not supposed to have crunchy food. If was a struggle to keep him out of the bin and Phoebe's dish. Finally soaked some crunchies in warm water and he went to town. Then he went straight for the crunchies again. Finally decided that since he didn't seem to be having problems to let him be.

The first dosing of his meds was a bit traumatic. One is some stuff we apply to the gums and since he won't let me open his mouth I had to hope I was getting it in the right spot. Then immediately followed by antibiotic.

NOT a happy kitten. So this morning I did the application, snuggled him for half an hour and then gave him the antibiotic. Went much better.

So he is feeling MUCH better this morning, gave him his wet food for breakfast. He didn't snarf it down as fast as last night, but then I noticed the crunchy dishes were pretty empty this morning. So with luck he should get his weight back up to where the vet would like it (he was a little lower then what they wanted, but then again, when you can't eat without hurting you tend not to eat much). He is an indoor kitty for a few more days, that is going to be fun to enforce!

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