Food pron Wednesday

Winco is finally carrying Franz gluten free bread. Picked up a loaf of the mountain white to give it a try:

toasted pizza cheese sandwich

Not a wimpy sandwich, plenty of cheese and pepperoni to give it some UMPH!

toasted pizza cheese sandwich

The mountain white is as good as the 7 grain and I love them both. Still a bit ont he pricey side (face it, when you are used to paying less the a $1 a loaf of bread,, almost $6 a loaf will make you pause). But the product it worth it. I've gotten out of having sandwiches every time I turn around, so the cost isn't going to be that much in the long run. This gives me a break in my steamed tortillas with cheese lunches. And frankly, when I could still eat regular wheat bread, I was doing toasted cheese sandwiches so much I was getting sick of them.

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