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Started feeling like crap Thursday afternoon, called in sick Friday morning and went back to bed. Not the cold or flu, just a general crud that had me feeling like death warmed over.

So spent most of the weekend either sleeping or crashed on my chair watching Netflix. Lots and lots of Netflix. Now in season 3 of Doc Martin, almost finished with Campion and have started Murdoch Mysteries. Watched a few other things, had a Vincent Price double feature one night and then of course, my ultimate comfort watching, Emergency!

So didn't manage a whole heck of a lot, tho I did get some laundry done. Hubby wasn't feeling up to snuff either, so we made a pair LOL!

Was feeling better by Sunday and by Monday MUCH better. Hubby insisted I treat myself to lunch at Tam's Place and the matinee of Les Miz at the Pullman Village Cinema.


Good lunch and a WONDERFUL movie. I can't wait til it is out on DVD so I can sing along and not bother the rest of the folk in the theatre (tho I am pretty sure I heard other quiet voices singing along). A definite 4 hankie movie (tho I only used 2 due to the fact I got smart and brought bandannas instead of hankies or kleenex. Extra large bandannas are wonderful for times like this).

Full review of the movie later on JeanC Reviews, but for now, run, don't walk to your nearest theatre and see a wonderful movie. Will you be seeing Les Miz the stage version on screen? NO, you will be seeing Le Miz the movie. A whole different experience and one I love just as much as the stage version.

Did manage to prove to myself it is NOT possible to make pate choux without eggs. At least using flax meal as an egg substitute. The results were tasty, but not what I was hoping for. Will see if I can pick up some Ener-G egg replacer to try, found a recipe on line for an egg free version that uses it. Not that I am giving up on eggs, just want something to help with the budget (an let me come up with stuff I can feed my GF and egg-free friends). I've gotten the Ener-G egg GF bread crumbs before and they put out a pretty good product.

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