Ticking along

Almost Friday and Dead Week here at the U is almost over, next week is finals and then the holidays.

A slightly long week, but not too bad. Gave blood yesterday. I'd tried last week, but my iron levels were just under the minimum (very surprising since they are always on the high side). Got them back up to just above minimum and I got vampired.

Fairly relaxing last weekend, tho hubby and I went into cleaning mode on Saturday and got most of the house in order. Just a few spots here and there, but I will be ready for the "My hubby turns 50 on 12/21/12 so the Mayans were right and the world is going to end" party on the 21st. Been a while since we did any real entertaining so it should be fun. Just need to start laying in some supplies and finish the kitchen.

Went down to Lewiston/Clarkston late enough on Saturday for some shopping to catch the Christmas Parade in Clarkston and then look at the light display at Railroad park in Lewiston (tho I stayed in the car as it was starting to rain and I was wearing shoes I didn't want to get wet and ruined).

Weather is starting to look icky, but we are ready for just about anything so I am not worried. See about doing some baking this weekend for the staff Christmas party next week. Not sure what as yet, have to see if I have enough ingredients for cookies of some sort.

Drats, getting some very fine snow now. Supposed to be up to 37F later today so should turn to rain, tho the forecast is snow again tonight.

A well, got all my winter gear and tools at the ready.

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