Blessed Winter Solstice and Merry Yule!

A nice day today, I only have to work a half day and then I am off for the holidays. Having friends over for a "The Mayans were right, the world as we know it is ending, my hubby is turning 50" party LOL! I've elk and black bean chili in the slow cooker, made up a bit batch of GF puffs, some of which I will stuff with turkey salad. Will look at making some GF tartlets and cookies at some point today.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Yule, so some of the goodies I made for tonight will go for that. We'll be getting together with friends on the 25th, so that will be the extent of our socializing for the year.

Weather is holding, most of the serious snow is well to the north of us, so I am happy. It can snow all it wants next week, just want to get thru this weekend with mild weather.

Still puttering along with my jewelry.Getting more traffic thru my Etsy shop. Haven't made my first sale there as yet. I will be working on more jewelry over the break. I've started taking the bits and bobs off motherboards (blow torch hehehehehehe!) that will make some cool little earrings and pendants. Sales thru Purple Ducky Designs Zazzle are on the uprise, most recently sold a shirt that is winging its way to Pamplona Spain!

I am finally getting the hang of all the promoting myself on various social networks and other places, so I am expecting things to be bright this next year.

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