Gack! Monday again!

REALLY had difficulty waking up this morning, one of those mornings when every nerve in my body decided to fire off at once. Makes for a not pleasant time.

Had to turn the heat on, even tho we'd closed up the house and back door last night. It was COLD! Weather is showing overnight temps in the 30s this next week. Time to dig the inserts for the windows out of the shed and see about putting the AC units away. Really have to see about getting the back door replaced. We've got the door, just need to cut it to fit, put in the kitty hatch and get it into place.

Had a nice visit with my mom this weekend. She headed up to Spokane this morning to meet up with my aunt. My aunt is moving back to Spokane, so they are condo shopping. I will feel LOTS better having Aunt P up here then her way down in southern California.

Gorgeous moon this weekend, here is is this last Saturday night:

Harvest moon
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