Rolling along

School is now in full swing, harvest is still happening and I haven't been fishing in ages.


With any luck we can get out this weekend, tho hubby has some chores he wants to do around the house (and replacing the back door before winter is a rather important one). So we'll see.

I think I am getting the hang of my my twitter, been tweeting and retweeting as much as I can. It is very hard tho, I don't do twitter shorthand, so coming up with tweets in the right amount of characters has been very interesting.

Donated blood yesterday, fared better then last time. Of course not having almost triple digit temps helped a lot, not to mention being a bit better rested. So next time we go in will be around Halloween.

Had a pretty okay long weekend. Puttered about the house, had planned on going fishing, but after some chores, was too hot and we were too tired and achy. But we do have a bunch of stuff destined for the Hope Center. I also got a few things listed on the local free exchange, the old double sink now has a new home, as do the last of the windows I'd planned to use for a green house before I finally realized that wasn't going to work.

Redesigned, or at least am working on a redesign of my shop page Purple Ducky Designs. Found a template I liked and have been working on using it for all the pages. Still needs work, but I am tweaking things as I can.

Next will be a reworking of Purple Ducky Designs gallery. Site runs a wee bit slow and I'm not entirely happy with the layout. Found some freebie galleries that might work better.

Have several projects for Palouse Women Artists. in the offing, really need to get working as there are a couple deadlines rapidly coming up.