We'd planned for a relatively relaxed weekend, didn't happen. Ah well, we did get stuff done.

A friend replaced the rotted out boards in the back half of the porch roof and replaced the panels with polycarb panels that are a nice start to turning that space into a greenhouse. We hadn't planned on polycarb panels, I'd mentioned that I was going to make the space a greenhouse and he ran with it. Luckily he and hubby worked a deal on the panels since they were so not in the budget, but they look so very, very nice.

Now we need to get in and build the porch floor so I can get that phase of the greenhouse/workshop done.

We'd planned on going fishing on Saturday, then realized we needed to clean up dead boards and stuff and the dump isn't open on Sundays, so Saturday was work day. We cleaned A LOT out from the area behind the porch and got a lot organized. Had to load up the van as we still haven't rebuilt the utility trailer to haul stuff off.

Finally resigned myself to the fact I was not going to be riding my bike anymore. I keep meaning to, but the body keeps saying no. So I bundled it off to the Hope Center, along with the rack and panniers for it and my helmet (still in really good condition). Also took a few other things we found out behind the beck they can sell.

Dinner Saturday night was refried beans, rice and pork chops. Very tasty, need to see about doing up a BIG batch of refrieds and get them in the freezer for sides this fall.

So Sunday we decided to go fishing, that is until we looked outside:

Wee bit smoky

Moscow Mountain is out there somewhere. Seems the smoke from a number of fires from around the region decided to gather over Moscow:

Wee bit smoky

Wee bit smoky

Between the heat and the smoke we both ended up feeling like crap, so we didn't go out. Spent the day watching Futurama on Netflix and having pizza for dinner.

We did get out and picked up a solid core wooden exterior door from the local free exchange. We will cut it down to replace the dead, totally inappropriate for North Idaho winters door that is our back door (two pieces of vinyl with cardboard spaces it not good to keep the cold out).

I think I am starting to get the hang of Twitter, now I need to get more followers so I can spread the word about my art, jewelry and photography.