ACCK! August already!!!!

Where has the summer gone! What summer we did have. I've only 2 more Fridays off, then school starts again. The students are already trickling back into town. Saw a couple of the sororities were opening up.

Too hot this week. We ended up with take out from the Winco deli (big sandwich for hubby and a garlic pepper rotisserie chicken for me), chips and yogurt and hid in the bedroom with the AC and Brisco County Jr last night. Supposed to be a little cooler today, but I expect it will be a repeat of last night. Have to figure out what to do with leftover rotisserie chicken that don't need to be cooked. Chicken salad in steamed in the microwave corn tortillas I think.

Went to Moose Creek for fishing on Saturday. Nice day out, but fishing sucked. Too weedy to fish properly and since we aren't into bass fishing, not worth it. Hubby caught a couple of trout, one went back as it was too small. He did catch a fairly large blue gill and we kept it. So I did have fish for dinner, the other trout and a bite of blue gill.

Definitely not worth taking the boat back there. We do want to take it up to Elk River and camp and fish there. It has been a long time since we've been there. Still want to do Dworshak, but until we get the gas motor fixed or replace will skip that.

Didn't realize until we got back to shore how hot it was out there. Again we made sure we had plenty of water, sports drink, sunscreen, hats and shades. Still got too much sun. Sunday we were pretty dead. I was supposed to go to Lammas, but moving was a little too much.

Got one of those magic screens for the front door, now we can have it open and not play door person for the kitties, even tho they have free access thru the back window, they insist on going to the front door and demanding to be let out that way. Cats!


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