Yup, Happy 51st Birthday to me!!!!!!

Hehehehe, body says 51, but the brain is STILL insisting on 20. Ah well, with luck I can get the body and mind to agree on something in between LOL!

Not much planned for today,tho a co-worker brought in GF cookies :) Will look at doing something special this weekend. In the meantime we will just see about beating the heat.

I love neighbors. A new neighbor has decided that our front steps needed help, so he and another neighbor are fixing them. We all thought they would need rebuilding and a LOT of gravel put down as a base, but the steps are in pretty good shape and they found some flat shale type stones (big stones) under the deck, so they are using those as a footing for the one side. Then he will fix up the steps a bit and make handrails for both sides (there was only the one on one side).

Have to do something really nice for them. Have to see if they like trout and share some of my fish with him and his wife.

Just one more Friday off then school starts. The students are trickling back in, Rush is this week, so lots of activity on Greek Row.

Lots of smoke in the air, fires everywhere and then there is the harvest dust mixed in. Has been making some pretty cool sunsets.

Setting Ms Ella up with a new webpage to go along with her blog. Using Weebly thru Hostmonster. Going with just the freebie version so am limited on how many pages I can set up for her. But until I find something better, this will work. In the meantime I will see what all I can do on the pages to add things to them.

Need to start doing more web stuff, I do have a Google Adwords campaign going for my jewelry, been getting some traffic thru on that. No sales as yet, but rankings are going up.
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