Hot, HOT, HOT!!!!!!!

Just a wee bit on the warm side this weekend.


Hit 97F out at our place on Sunday and since we live in a tin box, had every fan running, all the lights off and the ACs running in the office and bedroom. Even with the fans running over the TV/Entertainment center and over my computer, the 'puter and TV kept shutting down last night due to heat issues.

Weekend started off okay, but we are going to have to stop donating blood during a work day unless we take the rest of the day off. Both of us felt like crap by Friday morning, no energy and even the slightest exertion took a lot out of us. We did manage a few things. I got some laundry and a bit of dishes done, had the neighbor help me install the bedroom AC and we did get a load of items to the Hope Center.

Saturday we decided to head down to Lewiston for some shopping. Hoped to get down and back before it got too hot down there, but didn't make it. It got to 104F at one point. Needless to say, we took our time in the various stores.

Scored at the Grocery Outlet tho, picked up some gluten free crackers. I wish we had more money, I would have wiped out their supply:



I did grab two packages of each one. Haven't tried the rice bran ones yet, but the 5 seed ones are totally yummy with goat/sheep milk fest.

Also scored at the Franz bakery:


We'd seen the sign for gluten free bread previously, but they were always sold out. This time I was able to score a loaf. Okay, we winced at $4.99 a loaf, but we got one to try (actually I got one to try, this I am NOT sharing with hubby). Haven't found it listed on the Franz Bakery website, their FAQ still says they don't offer gluten free bread. Have to look more into it. But I had ham and cheese sammies for dinner Saturday night and I was happy. The ultimate test will be grilled cheese sammies, but it has been too hot to even think of firing up the electric grill. I will see how it does for toasted cheese sammies for lunch at work.

I will be doing full reviews to post on JeanC Reviews later.

Also scored 3 cute new tops at Ross, two spaghetti strap tanks tops and a top with cap sleeves. Pictures later.

My hubby REALLY loves me BTW. We've been looking for one of those spray bottle fans to help me keep cool, esp when the mini-Bahamian vacations decide to kick into full great for the summer. Looked EVERYWHERE, but could't find one. Since we were at Costco, hubby decided he would brave Wally World as a last resort before looking on line for one. So in he went and he found one! They had him going all over the store, but found one he did:

spray fan

The mouth on it is big enough I can load it with ice cubes and add water.

Got home Saturday and hid out in the bedroom with the AC running, watched movies and ate sandwiches for dinner. Too hot to spend too much time in the living room.

Sunday slept in, then decided to beat the heat by going fishing. Loaded up the car and off we went.

There was a nice breeze and we made sure we had plenty of water between us (about 2 liters each), a bottle of Poweraid, some Cliff bars. Got the boat in the water and started trolling. I actually caught a fish within 20 minutes on one of the lures. We didn't have much luck after that, but it was nice to just tool along, enjoying the lake.

Lots of people out with the same idea of beating the heat:


Quite a people out in small boats, rafts, at least one paddle board and various inner tubes. Good day to be in the water.

We beached at Goose Island for a bit and Hubby went up top to see the view and I wandered around in the water taking pictures:



The geese were out, some swam close to the boat so I didn't have to use too much zoom to snap some pics:



Spent a bit of time out there. We'd gotten out about 12:30. I caught a second fish, didn't even know I had it on the line. I'd just tossed out a hook with bait and was reeling in so we could scoot to another part of the lake.

We finally called it a day when we realized I was attempting a case of heat stroke. I'd been drinking lots of water, using the spray fan, had a hat on AND a bandanna that I had been wetting down and putting under the hat and down my neck. But I was getting a chill. So home we came. Hubby realized he was not doing well with the heat either, but I had the worst of it. So as soon as we got home it was unhitch the boat. Toss the fish in the fridge to clean later and into a cool shower. Hubby turned the AC on full for me in the bedroom and I hid out there with the cat for a while.

Tried to do computer stuff and watch TV in the living room later, but things kept shutting down from the heat, even tho I had fans running over all the electronics. So it was back to the bedroom to watch movies and eat cheese and crackers (hubby had sammiches).

Still have to clean the fish. Hopefully it will be cool enough this evening as I want fish for dinner.

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