Happy July 4th, the day after :)

Hope everyone in the States had a good 4th. We did, it was a fairly low key day and quite nice.

I slept in, the got up, had coffee and puttered about a bit around the house. Then it was down for a nap in the afternoon. Got up and made a fruit salad with sliced peaches, fruit cocktail, peach mango tofu and homemade whipped cream (sorry, not picture I forgot). Packed up some burgers and went to Pullman to spend the evening with her to grill, visit and watch the fireworks.

Weather was great, tho I did get a little bit chilly, luckily she had extra blankets to wrap around us while we sat and watched the fireworks.

Before that I noticed the moon was coming up over Pullman:

Moon over Pullman WA

Moon over Pullman WA

Managed to get a cool shot with someone's bottle rocket going off:

Moon over Pullman WA

Then it was time for the main show. Hubby turned the radio in the van on to the station broadcasting the music for the show and the people next door did the same thing, so we had the music in stereo. Good choice of music this year. I'm still figuring out how to snap fireworks with the fireworks mode, but I did get some nice shots:










Last shot is blurry as I'd forgotten to bring my tripod. Got to remember it next year.

Stayed and visited a while afterwards as we'd not seen our friend in a while (she is a grad student) and we wanted to get more caught up. It also gave us a chance to avoid all the traffic. Finally made it home and to bed a bit after midnight.

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