The Palouse Women Artist's Alphabet project is out and about and in windows around town. Here is mine:


WAY cool location too:



Had a very good weekend. Saturday we dropped some old blankets and stuff off at the Humane Society, several bags of books and video tapes at the Hope Center, picked up a splice piece to fix the water line on the ice maker in the fridge. So now we have ice, no lake on the kitchen floor and the cold water tap turned back on. Trying to do dishes by hand when all you have it hot water to the sink makes things very interesting (and very, very burny. Hot water is REALLY hot!).

Celebrated Beltane Saturday night. It was a very enjoyable rit and we had lots of fun. Saw the super moon, tried to get pics, did get some nice ones, but not quite what I wanted.

Sunday we decided to drive up to Spokane for the day. Had a lovely day, got a new dress at Target:

new dress

Managed to NOT spend too much money while up there. Picked a few things up and had dinner before driving home.