Definitely got the technique for rice noodles down:

pork & pad thai noodles

Dinner last night was grill pork and rice noodles with pad thai paste. Made for a very yummy lunch today.

So been putter a bit. We went to Lewiston to shop, found a really cute dress at Ross and some cool sandals at Pay Less. Fixed the leak in the hose for the icemaker in the freezer. We'd been without cold water for a week and we had to move the deep freeze AND the fridge to get tot he back and those to figure out what the problem was. So we should have cold water now that we've repaired the hose.

Got my art for the Mikey's Retro show done (well, almost, still need to trim the edges of the mat to make them straight. I can't cut a straight line with an x-acto knife and a straight edge to save my life). So just need to get it to the person who is coordinating collecting all the art for the show.

So, just puttering along.