Work in progress

This is the letter I am doing for the PWA Alphabet project. Took my painting into Copy Court and had them print it out on card stock. I'd hoped to get it printed 12"X12", but they couldn't do it that large, but said he could do 11"X11". Stopped and thought for a moment and said okay as my vision for it is still in progress and nothing was set in stone.

letter A

Turned out very nice. I do like the work they do. I had them do my business cards froma .pdf I took in and they came out nice.

So I will trim my painting down, mount it and then frame. Planning on some embellishments to it to make it pop even further. Can't wait to see it alongside all the other women's pieces. I'll post when I find out exact dates for the show.

Next Friday I hang my photos at the Gritman Wellness Cetner! WHHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!