We seem to be a stop on the underground trailways for stuffed critters that are escaping Homeland Security.

I came out from work yesterday and went to toss my stuff in the back of the car when I noticed a very large moose in the back. I hopped in the front and turned to the hubby and said "there seems to be a very large moose in the back seat".

He replied that he'd come out of Costco and found this moose in the car. All the moose said was "Ella sent me".

As long time readers know, Ms Ella is a young elephant about town who is hiding out at our place and is also on the run from HS. I am beginning to suspect that Ook is also a HS refugee, tho since he is an orangutan who only goes "ook!" and I don't speak orangutan I will just assume he is.


So our little family is growing and Ms Ella now has a traveling companion. Everybody, meet Vinnie da Moose:

Vinnie da Moose