letter A

Finished my letter yesterday and turned it in. I saw some of the other letters and I am trying to not feel inadequate, the other letters were so wonderful. But people liked mine so I guess it is pretty good LOL!

I've now gotten a start on my next project, it will be for the Retro show at Mickey's Gyros. The theme is interpreting the 60s, so I think Hippie Dippy Hippie will fit in perfectly. I am going to do a larger piece then this last one, at least an 11"X17".

Finally found the hanger tabs I've been needing and not wanting to pay $12 for 100 and $9 shipping. We were in Lewiston on Saturday, drove by Brockman's, which is a place I used to buy my candling supplies and they only do custom framing and supplies now. I picked up enough to last me a while and I really didn't pay much more then I would have if I'd mail ordered them and paid shipping. So I bought local (Lewiston/Clarkston is local as far as I am concerned as we are down there a couple times a month shopping as it) and I had them in my hot little hands on Saturday. So now my art pieces and photos can now hang and look professional while doing so.

Looked at the space where my photos will go on Friday. I think I will see about getting one more photo ready so I can have 9 up. I also need to make tags for them AND a blurb about me. Not to mention figure out how much I am going to price them for. I'm not sure which will be harder, coming up with a blurb on me as I am pathologically shy (okay, stop laughing, I am!) and have difficulty promoting myself or figuring out how much my photos are worth. Well, I've got a few days yet to figure it all out.