Winter vacy ticking away

Been enjoying the week off, for the most part. Furnace problems, toilet problems, leaky ceiling problems. All the fun and joy of owning one's home. But the toilet now works and doesn't leak, the new furnace gets installed tomorrow and we'll deal with leaky ceilings another time.

Had a nice Yule and a very low key Christmas (hubby and I really do't do much). He spent the day fixing my computer which crashed. But I am up and runing now and playing with a new program called "My Paint". Okay, it isn't a new program, it came installed on one of the Linux distros he tried to install (sucked), so he put me on another distro and we installed MyPaint and I have been having fun. Still not sure what I am doing, but followed a tutorial for painting a cormorant:


Okay, it isn't a cormorant, the tutorial is not bad, but I think you are supposed to be better at painting then I am. At least it looks like a bird.

So played around some more:


Not a bad doodle if I do say so myself LOL! Definitely have to do a lot more practicing and see what I can come up with. At least this way I am not wasting paper and art supplies. Don't like what I did, I just delete and start over.

Been puttering a bit listening to music for the most part. Watched "Bag of Bones" with Pierce Brosnan, very enjoyable. Watched "Neverland", not quite as enjoyable. Not sure why, but not as satisfying as the re-interpretations of Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland Syfy did before. Maybe because I never related to the Peter Pan story as I did with Dorothy and Alice.

Haven't got around to doing all the baking and cooking I'd planned on, been playing to much on the computer LOL! I did come up with a very yummy dinner Christmas day. I browned some beef cubes, sauteed some onions, added rehydrated gourmet mushrooms and then made a dutch oven stew I slow cooked in the oven. Seasoned with salt and pepper and some balsamic vinegar it was yummy. Made some gluten free pierogies to go with and YUM!!!!!!

dinner 12-25-11