Pioneer diary, or a weekend without a furnace

At least we had electricity and the dragons (kerosene heaters). Our furnace decided to crap out on us on Friday, so it was a bit chilly this weekend in the house. Some wires decided to melt and things stopped working. Hubby called a heating place and since we didn't want to pay weekend emergency rates, opted to have them come in to fix it today and make do with the dragons over the weekend.

Put blankets over all the door openings in the living room and that made a big difference right away and brought in the big dragon. Did a nice job, got the temp in the living room up to over 75 and we turned the dragon off to save fuel. We only turned it back on when it dropped to below 65 when we were up and about. We turned it off at night when we went to bed and cranked the electric blanket.

So with luck we shall be warm again by the time I get home tonight.

A friend who does the Winter Market here in Moscow let me have a corner of her table this last Saturday:

Purple Ducky Designs at the Winter Market 12/10/11

No sales, but a lot of my business cards walked away with people, so fingers crossed I will have some emails from people wanting to buy things. I have branched out into ornaments (pic above) and pins:


I've only two so far, some of the little bits aren't quite suitable for pins.

Made a pair of earrings for me so I can show off my work:

Me and my new earrings


Yeah, that is me with a new hair style and color. My sis-in-law and her hubby came out a week ago and he helped hubby work on cars and she did my hair. Still getting used to it, it is shorter then anything I've had since I was 9. Nice easy hair style tho.