T-day was good. Everything was ready on time and came out delicious. There were NO disasters (unless you count my forgetting to pull the baked yams out of the oven, but they weren't missed).

The tequila and lime injection was a success, the bird was nice and juicy and had a nice tangy flavor. I managed to make a gallon and a half of gravy (the gallon baggy of turkey stock I'd previously made and the leftover potato water from the mashed potatoes helped hehehehehe). I hadn't thought of the potato water, but someone on the Good Eats board mentioned that Alton using potato starch flour to make the gravy instead of using the liquid from the mashed potatoes that was loaded with starch gave me the idea.

The corn bread stuffing was okay, will keep looking for a good stuffing recipe for next year. The regular bread dressing in the crock pot came out well (a little too moist, I over estimated the amount of stock it needed). Hubby and our guest said it was tasty tho.

The pies came out nicely, the GF crust recipe from Bob's Red Mill is perfect. I used the pumpkin our neighbor had made from a fresh pumpkin. Very tasty.

So now I have lots of leftovers to play with (plus a 12 lb bird in the fridge we got from our neighbors. She'd sent him to the store for a ham and he came home with a turkey. I will do a simple roast on it this weekend to give us more leftovers and another carcass for the stock pot.