Made jewelry

Women's Works is coming up Nov 5th and I was informed I was making jewelry to sell. When the Crone speaks, you listen hehehehehe. Yes'm! Granted, when my friend told me I was making something that finally got me off my butt and start putting things together. Hit Spence's Hardward for wire (WAY cheaper then the craft store, esp copper wire) and then the craft store for earring findings and then Sure Shot Sporting Goods for swivels of various sizes and types for making my mobiles. Then I got to tear apart hard drives.

Taking apart hard drives is fun and can be done while watching the telly. Putting together the earrings to. I dug out some glittery beads I had from way back when (have to go thru my jewelry box and see what I can re-purpose from there).

Made a total of 16 pairs of earrings, most from the read arms from the hard drives. I've started some simpler ones made from assorted rings and things and still need to go thru the parts bins to see what else can be made jewelry. Then it will be onto mobiles.



The cool thing is I've already sold a pair of the simpler ring earrings to my neighbor. Can't wait to see if I can sell more at Women's Works on the 5th (Eastside Market Place from 10am-5pm).