I was very sad when one of my favorite restaurants, San Miguel's, closed earlier this year. I didn't have a chance to eat there one last time.

I had hit Safeway last night to pick up stuff for dinner and as I was leaving the mall I saw this:



OOOOOOO! A new Mexican restaurant AND tapas bar (I have been wanting to try tapas for so long). I looked up info to see if I could find anything on this and found:

New Restaurant to open at Eastside Marketplace!

Moscow, ID –Two of the former owners of San Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant, Arturo and Annette Lamadrid, have leased 4,500 square feet in Moscow’s Eastside Marketplace on Blaine Street. They plan to open LAMADRID Mexican Restaurant and Tapas Bar, within the restaurant space located on the front of the shopping center. LAMADRID will also be leasing the space currently occupied by Mix, to allow for full bar offerings.

The former owner's of San Miguel's!!!!! SERIOUS HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not sure when they are opening, have to check the sign on the door next time I get a chance. I SOOOOO can't wait to eat there.