Garden news

Because of the weather and all I don't have much in my garden. I've managed to get quite a bit of dirt and biomass in my raised bin and last night when I was watering the half I planted, saw a couple of walking onion sprouts.


I still need to see about getting some more soil in the one half and then I will see about seeding in some greens for this fall and hopefully maybe some sweet onions and garlic.

My neighbor gave me some chives from one of her pots, along with a Greek basil. Both are doing very well in the pots I put them in. I think I will seed in some more chive seeds to the one so I can have some new growth while I work on harvesting what is there now.

My tomatoes have been chugging along, just flowers:





Or so I thought until I started pruning some yellowed leaves from the Moskvich and found:


SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! My first tomato of the year!!!!!! It isn't very big:


but it is a start. I am hoping to start getting more tomatoes on them. The Moskvich is tolerant of cooler weather, so I can probably keep it outside longer then the Brandywine. With the cages I can put plastic bags over them when the weather gets to cool at night and hopefully keep them going for as long as possible outside to give them a chance to get as many tomatoes ont hem as possible before bringing them in the house.