Is it Friday yet?

Had a very nice weekend. Hubby surprised me with a matinee showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2 on Friday. We were in such a movie mood we grabbed tickets for Captain America: the First Avenger. Both movies were great. I did cry during Harry Potter and did a lot of cheering during Captain America.

Saturday we seriously slept in and went to Shari's for lunch. Had their Spinach Cobb salad for lunch, very yummy. Puttered about the house and baked cookies. Friday night I'd whipped up a batch of snickerdoodles and on Saturday adapted a molasses crinkle cookie recipe for gluten free. Came out very yummy.

Sunday we drove up to Spokane for a bit of shopping. Had lunch at Dick's, then stopped off at my favorite Asian market and scored two big bottles of white soy sauce, made with rice flour instead of wheat. $2.49 a bottle, so came out WAY cheaper then tamari. I love tamari, but my budget has got to stretch somehow. Hubby was surprised I only bought the 2 bottles, I told him I was seriously restraining myself, otherwise I'd be walking out with a couple of grocery carts of goodies LOL!

We then hit Harbor Freight for a couple things and then the big URM Cash & Carry out in the Valley. Found a new cookie sheet (1/2 sheet) so my cookies should turn out perfect (my old cookie sheets are no longer shiny and edges get a bit too dark if I am not careful).

Into Coeur d'Alene to gas up and hit Costco, priced tuna fish (we'll stick with the cheap brand at Winco. As much as I love Chicken of the sea, it is still a bit out of our budget) and picked up some kitty litter and 3 things of corn tortllas.

From there we headed for Blogfest at Fort Ground Grill where we had a wonderful afternoon visiting with folk I knew in person and only knew from Dave Oliveria 's blog Huckleberries Online or from their own blogs:

I so wanted to steal Bent's BBQ rig, I could imagine all the cooking I could do on that LOL! My cookies went over well, the snickerdoodles especially. Have to whip up another batch to break in my new cookie sheet.

I really wished I could have tried out the homemade brew, but unless it is gluten free, beer is not my friend anymore (others were enjoying it and it looked yummy). Have to see what I can find for gluten free beer recipes, I have my gear just sitting in the shed and I can only make so much mead and I'm not terribly interested in making wine. I think I will be working on GF beer this winter.