Had a very good 4th of July weekend

and a 4 day weekend at that. Puttered about on Friday, worked on getting my pantry cleaned out and in order. Boxed up all the things with gluten in them that I couldn't have and took them to the neighbors. Some stuff is still there since hubby likes it and I don't.

Labeled everything I could, put spices and such in baggies into bottles. Found 3 containers of turmeric, so they went into a big bottle and labeled. Had to go out and buy refills for the label maker I was labeling so much LOL!!! At least I know what is in containers now.

Next will be the freezers!

Did laundry, dishes, cleaned up the living room some and took all the inserts out of the windows. Those need to go out to the shed soon. It is so nice to have light coming in the windows now.

Baked chocolate chip coconut gluten free cookies on Saturday. Used a recipe for chocolate chip cookies out of my old Betty Crocker cookbook, added coconut and swapped flours:

GF chocolate chip coconut cookies

Came out quite yummy, but I need to tweak the ratios a bit, use more GF AP flour and go half and half butter and shortening (I'd used all butter). Took the batch over to friends last night for a 4th of July party and fireworks watch, left them there (rats). So will have to bake more.

Saturday night we were next door around the fire pit. I made up a pitcher of Margarita's and we had a wonderful time sitting around chatting, eating and roasting marshmallows for s'mores (in my case, a marshmallow on a square of chocolate. Gotta find GF graham crackers).

As mentioned, we went over to friend's last night. They live in Pullman and have a great view across the way to watch the fireworks being set off. They set up the grill and I took some burgers

grilling burgers

and the aforementioned cookies. She had GF bread and cake and some yummy salads. I took buns for hubby and hit Winco and picked up a package of Udi's GF hamburger buns:

Grilled burger on a gluten free bun

Needless to say, I was a very happy camper. I hadn't had a burger on a bun since last November. The buns were almost $4 for a package of 4, a bit pricey, by worth it for being able to simply stop at the store to buy buns. I do plan on coming up with my own, but it is nice to know I can hit the store and pick some up when need be. And they were very tasty. I hope Winco gets the hot dog buns in, I so want a Nathan's hot dog on a bun!

Didn't get any fishing in, hubby had a client's computer that needed serious attention this weekend. Hopefully we can get out this week after work.