A good weekend

Had a good weekend, including the aforementioned restaurant in the previous post. Friday we went shopping down in Lewiston/Clarkston and met up with some friends for a couple hours for drinks and visiting.

Earlier on Friday I opened up the shed, hauled out some old computer cases hubby had stored in there so he can get rid of them. Also got out the platform for the AC unit for the bedroom window and got in in place. Then I organized the shed better, now there is room to get some stuff stored on the porch out to the shed. Later on I had the neighbor come help get the AC unit out of the shed and onto the platform.

Saturday we headed up to Spokane/CDA for more shopping. Avoided spending more money then we usually do by avoiding several shops where we know we go nuts. Those will be stops on future trips (like when Trader Joe's finally opens in Spokane).

Sunday was a sleep in and putter day. Light lunch and then I decided to tackle a project I have been wanting to do for a bit, which is to start the first on my raised bed planters. I had some plywood a friend had given us last year that I will be using to rebuild the utility trailer, but I didn't need 3 pieces for it, so I grabbed on for my garden.

I had to think a bit, did I want to have two beds 1 foot high each or 1 bed 2 foot high. Opted for the 2 foot high as that will require a lot less bending and kneeling and pain in my knees. It does mean I need to lay my hands on a lot more dirt and compost then I have at the moent, but it will be a start.

I ripped the plywood into 2'X4' sections and found that doing so by myself with a circular saw means what I ended up wasn't pretty (had to start cutting from one side, then cut from the other side and managed to miss meeting in the middle by and inch or two). But it works. I then cut a long 2"X4" into 2 foot lengths and used those to screw the plywood together in the corners.

Had fun with the chop saw on the 2"X4", it only went thru half way, so I had to flip the board over to finish the cut. There is a depth adjustment, just didn't know how to do it.

But I got it done and in place:

raised bed for my garden

I put a couple layers of cardboard down inside, wet it down and then put in one load of compost from my compost bins to start. It is going to take a lot, I probably won't get it more then half full this year, but it will be enough to plant the Egyptian walking onion sets I picked up on freecycle last week. The walls should be tall enough to keep them corralled for a while.

I'll keep adding soil and compost to it as I get some. I still need to pick up materials so I can build at least 4 more that size and then a couple that are 4'X2'X2' for tomatoes in my other garden spot behind the house.

I do need to get my utility trailer re-done so I can use it to haul compost from the landfill.

Since qwe were still satisfied from lunch on Saturday, we opted for a light dinner. I thawed some boneless, skinless chicken thighs, diced them up into small pieces and sauteed them in olive oil, The I sliced some crimini mushrooms and tossed those in and seasoned the chicken and 'shrooms with the Penzy's adobo seasoning.

I then diced up some red and green bell to go on hubby's and hauled out the cheese. I set my non-stick electric griddle for 350F and hit it with cooking spray. Down went the first tortillas, then cheese, meat/'shrooms, peppers and then topped with another tortilla. I sprayed the top tortillas with cooking spray and then when the quesadilla was ready, flipped it to cook the other side.

Mine was pretty much the same, minus the bell peppers (they don't like me too terribly much). Once they were done, cut and plated. Made for a very yummy and light dinner:


Ate them while watching the race from Saturday and just kicked back and relaxed Sunday evening.