Obligatory new baby pics

Yes, we have anew kitty in the house. Hadn't planned on it since we are still working on the Tig, but clients of the hubby called to say a kitty showed up at their place way out in the country and they are not cat people and they were afraid the dogs and kitty would't get along. So we popped out on Friday after work and brought him home.



Needless to say, it was a very interesting weekend. He is fairly young, less then a year old and not edited (that will be remedied later this week). We weren't too sure he knew what a litter box was as we found a couple oopses on Saturday, but by Sunday after showing him the boxes after salting them with his oopses, he was using the Littermaid in hallway.

We have been checking around with friends to see if we can find a home for him (yeah, right! Said that with Scrapper and look where we are LOL!).

The other kitties are not terribly happy with us right now, tho Rum Tum and Scrapper are taking it better then Phoebe is. The little one took one look at Phoebe the first night and I swear he went "MOM!!!!' and raced over to her. We now have one seriously freaked out Phoebe.

Ah well, he is settling in nicely, such a love bug and hopefully he will tell us his name soon.