Monday again

but outside of slamming the little finger on my left hand into something solid, so far not a bad Monday. Even tho I had a 3 day weekend, I wish it had been longer.

Had a very nice weekend, mostly puttered about the house. Friday was wonderful and I finally got outside to do some work. Cleaned up quite a bit of my front flower bed and got a small bit on my strip along the driveway cleaned up and transplanted some violas and crocuses that my neighbor gave me. I'll be getting more cleaned up and getting some daisies from her to put in also.

Kind of over did it tho, I was seriously sore all of Friday night and a good chunk of Saturday, but it was worth it.

Put some chickpeas and pinto beans on to soak overnight. Saturday I set the pinto beans to cooking in the crock pot with some dried Walla Walla sweets. I turned them into refritos Saturday night. Drained the liquid off and popped that in the freezer to use in soups later on. Then I kept the beans in the crock pot and added some pork fat I'd rendered off a ham and saved. A bit of salt and then I took the stick blender to them to mush them up and then added some cheese and reheat. Turned out wonderfully yummy and I did it in one crock.

Sunday I made tamales with the refritos and also roasted the chickpeas so I can have a morning snack this week at work. This batch came out better, roasted them at 350F and every 10 minutes shook them around on the tray so they wouldn't burn and then upped the temp to 400F for the last few minutes. I'd tossed them with cumin and coriander. Very yummy. GOing to try them with garlic seasoning next time.

Watched a few movies, the All Star Race and the Sprint Cup Pit Crew Challenge over the ocurse of the weekend. A really interesting movie we caught was A Face in the Crowd which was Andy Griffiths film debut. WOW!!!!!!!!! I grew up with him as Sheriff Andy and light movie roles. I did see him do some serious stuff in later life, but his performance as "Lonesome" Rhodes was...WOW!!!!!! I seriously recommend this movie. As we were watching it and the underlying commentary about the power of someone in the media to sway people all we kept saying was "the more things change, the more they stay the same".