Hmmmm, to enter or not to enter....

There is an online photo contest that I have entered the last couple of years, but this year they are charging an entry fee. Okay, it is only about $16.00 (10 GBPs as they are located in England) and then I can enter up to 5 photos in each of the categories, so 50 photos in all. Have to think about it.

Speaking of photos, joined another photo group and this one has a different prompt for every day of the week. Here is the photo I took this weekend for Monday's prompt Heat:


Was cooking dinner Sunday night and pulled the frying pan off the burner, turned off the lights and started snapping. Came out pretty cool.

Had a very laid back weekend, watched a lot of movies, started the 1st season of Stargate SG1 and puttered. I got two new fishies, a pair of Black Skirted Tetras. Was going to get a couple of Cherry Barbs, but the guy at the store said they liked to pick on other fish and I prefer to have pretty much all non-aggressives. I read up on Cherry Barbs later and found out they liked to nip fins, esp of fish with long flowy fins, unless they are in a large school so they can pick on each other. Since I didn't want my Betta Alfie to be picked on, went it the Black Skirts. Their names are Bud and Lou and they have settled in nicely. Will see about picking up a couple more in a few weeks so I can have a bigger school of Black Skirts.

Hubby wanted pizza last night and ordered himself some Pizza Perfection. So we stopped at the store and I picked up what I needed to make my own. Found out Winco is now selling Bob's Red Mill GF pizza mix, so went with that instead of making my naan crust or going with corn tortillas. Very yummy and leftovers for a couple days lunches.

Picked up a few thinks and Sunday night had pork and rice noodles in Pad Thai sauce for dinner. Tonight will do pork in spicy peanut sauce and jasmine rice. Hopefully I'll be able to score some leftovers from dinner for lunch this week. Sunday nights dinner was so goo there was no leftovers.