Still puttering along

Tomorrow I get to have a couple tiny cavities filled. ICK!!!!! It shouldn't be too bad. It has been a long time since I've had to have it done and my dentist has some new technology for doing it.

Been chasing down a photo of mine that seems to have gotten loose. First I knew of it was last week when someone commented on it on my Flickr page that they had seen it in an article on Extreme Chocolate Chip Cookies on Yahoo. Someone on Facebook posted a link to the article so I was able to find it. Sure enough, there was my photo! Luckily they posted the URL back to the photo, so that explained that.

Wanted to look at the recipe Yahoo had, but the page they had was a dmain up for sale. So I googled chocolate chip cheese ball and found someone else was also looking for the recipe on Ask Yahooo. Someone else found one and I checked it out. There was my photo again. No link.

So I fired off an email tot he site asking them to put a link back and sure enough, they did.

Tried using Tin Eye to see where else the photo might be showing up, but that didn't work. So I googled the image and found 3 more sites using it. So am firing off more emails.

I suppose I could have just told them to take the pic down, but the link will bring people to my Flickr page where I have links to my shop. Have to seriously sit down and figure out how I am going to do this in the future.