Spring is officially here, recent weather notwithstanding.

The crop duster was making practice flights over the field next to the house when I got home from work last night.

Sun is shining this morning and the crocuses in the neighbor's flower bed are blooming. Have to go over at some point and get some pictures. I really do need to plant some of my own one of these years. I also need to clean out my flower beds, I didn't this last fall and they are looking seriously sad.

Scrapper is being much better about sticking around the house and not disappearing at night. I think he learned his lesson from his little adventure of a couple weeks ago. He started not feeling well again last week, spent a lot of time on the bed. Came home one evening to find him looking rather sheepish on the bed and the biggest hair ball I've ever seen next to him. Black fur, so I think Scrapper had gotten a toxic mouse a couple days previous and his poor tummy was giving him fits. But he is back to his perky self and demanding as much attention as he can get.

Went shopping in Lewiston on Saturday, found a great dress at Ross, can't wait for it to be warm enough to wear it. Also picked up some very nice fresh goat cheese at Grocery Outlet and stocked up on boneless, skinless chicken thighs at Costco.