So a while back we'd gotten a PS3, in part to watch Netflix and because it was recommended as best for watching videos (Blue Ray) and such as the picture resolution was great. Well, yeah, but when we compared the Blue Ray player to our HD DVD player, there was pretty much no difference between the two, so paying an extra $4 a month for Blue Ray discs from Netflix was not worth it.

So fine, came with a game controller, so a friend gave us a game he didn't like and we tried it. Probably would have been fun if I didn't spent half my time screaming in frustration trying to figure out 3/4s of the buttons to make it do anything.

So we had a pricey Netflix streaming device. Decided to sell it and ended up trading it for a Wii, some controllers and a game.


Okay, it doesn't have HDMI hook ups so we can't run it thru our home theatre and the resolution of things like YouTube thru it isn't as good a quality as the PS3, but game play!

We rented The Conduit and Cabela's Big Game Hunter and gave those a try. Conduit is a blast, using a pistol holder for the controller made it even more fun and using the controller and nunchuk was so much easier then the PS3 controller.

I did discover a wee little problem playing Conduit tho, I get motion sick. So will have to figure out how to play it and not end up curled in the corner trying to not throw up.

The Big Game hunter game was okay, much prefer shoot'em up games where someone is shooting back at you to make it more exciting. So we took it back yesterday and picked up the Wii Racquet Sports disc.

OW!!! OW!!! OW!!!!!!

I've a very sore right arm and shoulder today. All I did was play the training module on the tennis and ping pong games, not for very long. That was a work out!!!!!! Was showing the hubby the games and decided to try out a match of squash.


A definite work out and LOTS of fun. Can't wait to try the other games on the disc. We'll see about buying copies of both games if we can find them cheap enough and look at renting some of the racing games that both the hubby and I can play together.