I've said it before, I'll say it again....


Down with a cold, on the weekend no less. Still out with it, had to re-schedule a dentist appointment this afternoon. Colds and teeth cleaning don't go together.

Tried to rest as much as possible this weekend, but the hot water lines froze (hubby thinks the hot water heater tripped off and since the hot water lines don't have heat tape, froze) and we ended up getting a heat canon from Moscow Building Supply (very nice guys there and the rental wasn't too pricey). With hubby's back out on him and on his meds, guess who had to drive?

Ah well, we finally got hot water Saturday evening, our neighbor D helped get the very heavy propane tank out of the van and to the back of the house, after shoveling a path (snow was a good foot deep). Loaded up the van on Sunday and took the equipment back.

The bummer of having to go gluten free means all my cold fall backs are out of the question. I really, really want a nice greasy pepperoni and extra cheese with extra sauce pizza from Pizza Perfection, but can't. Same with hot and spicy chicken, hot and sour soup and other hot and spicy dishes at Super China.


Did discover A Taste of Thai at Winco, almost all their stuff is gluten free. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Picked up a Red Curry noodle that was microwavable. OH DOUBLE YUM!!!!!!!! Cleared up my sinuses for quite a while. Just wish I'd picked up several more (but they are pretty pricey at a little over $3 a pop). But now that I know I can do make similar meals on my own with easily gotten ingredients from Winco, I am a happy camper.

In fact, I thawed some turkey stock and put in a couple very healthy teaspoons of Tom Yum paste I have in the fridge for some very spicy and yummy sipping liquid. Really helping clear the sinuses.

LOVED the race yesterday. YAY Jeff Gordon!!!!! WOO HOOOOOO!!!!!! So happy to see he finally broke the dry spell and beat KY by quite a lead.

Been watching a lot of movies this weekend. Watched "Men who stared at goats" and "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" Friday night. They were surprising better then we thought they were going to be. We very much enjoyed "Men who stared at goats", it was NOT what we were expecting.

Saturday was lots of watching shows we've DVR'd. Sunday we watched "Planet 51" and just howled with laughter and spent the time playing spot the movie reference. The people who made that movie definitely know and love their movies.

Today is sleep, rest and watch old Doctor Who episodes on discs from Netflix. They put out a disc called Doctor Who - Lost in Time which has whole episodes, but unfortunately the film parts from some of them are missing. So just watched the Moonbase epi with Patrick Troughton that just had audio for parts 1 & 3 and the surviving footage for parts 2 & 4. I do hope that someday they find all the issing footage. The 2nd disc has some parts of several story lines that only had one surviving part.

Time for more both and tea with honey and lemon.