Rolled over in bed last night and spasmed half my back and it is still twingy this morning. Been trying to do light stretches while sitting and they are helping some.

Woke up to a skiff and a quarter of snow and cold. I am so ready for spring to get here. I am seriously anxious to get my garden spaces into shape to start planting. I've got a number of seeds I am wanting to get into the ground so I can have some spring greens.

Baked another loaf of GF bread this weekend. This was a box mix from King Arthur Flour. Came out very nicely:

King Arthur GF bread

Toasted up well and while still a little more moist then I like in a bread, quite tasty. I wouldn't mind getting more, but it isn't available locally. Have to see if I can find it up in Spokane, if not, will have to wait until we can mail order some, but that will be a ways down the road. In the meantime I have the from scratch recipe to play with and a couple other recipes I want to try. I also have the recipe for a GF Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes I want to also try out.

Dinner last night was diced chicken sauteed in olive oil and seasoned with garlic seasoning and some blue cheese tossed in. Served it over corn spaghetti. Came out nicely, tho the corn spaghetti needed to be watched like a hawk to avoid over cooking and the noodles broke in half on their own. For a spaghetti application, they won't do, but for a plain noodle application they are fine:

chicken & corn noodles

Starting to get the hang of gluten free. Managed to glutinate myself this weekend tho. Knew better, but hubby was wanting Super China on Sunday and since I didn't feel like cooking, took the chance. Not sure what it was I ate, but I got that lovely (NOT) hurty feeling in my tummy. I'm thinking it may have been the chicken leg. I haven't seen it there before, don't know what they seasoned it with, but if I go back again, will avoid it and stick with what else I had and see what happens. Of course it could have been some cross contamination, it is a buffet after all and not a specific gluten free restaurant. Ah well, live and learn and try and avoid it in the future.

Been doing the Nielson TV thing since last Thursday. They are going to have lots of fun interpreting our watching habits. Luckily they are set up for keeping track of shows we DVR and then watch later (a couple shows we'd recorded in December! Okay, it was the Simpsons and KAYU runs the M-F and we had a lot stacked up). Now if they aded in Netflix instant play we can REALLY screw up their data LOL!!!!!