Finally donated blood yesterday with NO DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!

The tech had no problems finding a vein, got it on the first try and I filled the pint in 4 minutes 33 seconds. I've only a little bit of bruising today on that arm.

Been reading more on gluten intolerance and it seems dehydration is a problem. When we tried the last time to get blood out of me, the tech seemed to think part of the problem was I was dehydrated, which I said I couldn't be, I was drinking plenty of water. Well, I may have been drinking plenty of water, it looks like I just wasn't absorbing it like I should. Since then I've gone gluten free and while I can't be positive that is why I didn't have any problems this time around, it is a pretty good bet it helped.

Serious kudos to the Inland Northwest Blood Center for having gluten free ginger snaps to nosh on afterwards.

We hit Winco on the way home, hubby has been craving tuna fish sandwiches, so we picked up tuna and some 8 grain bread for him. Since I still don't have bread (tho Winco is now selling the Udi's gluten free bread, didn't pick any up), I fixed myself a fall back comfort meal. Cooked up some Quinoa and corn shell macaroni and topped that with butter and a can of tuna. Serious yummage!

Still haven't gotten around to making my tamales, I really need to get those going soon before I run out of ingredients using them in other dishes LOL! Made tacos for dinner the other night using the refritos in them and made extras for lunch yesterday. Very yummy.

This weekend was pretty nice, a taste of spring, at least temperature wise, tho the wind on Sunday was miserable. Managed to get a bit done around the house, both inside and out. Fixed the leaky hot water faucet for the washing machine, made the Tig a kitty house using a Rubber Maid bin so he can eat and sleep out of the wind and rain.

Winter is back tho, it was nice running around in shorts and a t-shirt outside for a little while.