Lazy, lazy week off

Didn't get near as much done as I had planned on, but got some. Ended up getting snowed in one day, luckily I didn't have any reason to go out in the first place. Hubby was going to go out, but looked around when he got to the car and changed his mind. Lovely little blizzard, closed quite a few highways and roads in the area. Did a lot of sleeping in, but also did a lot of staying up way late.

Very cold now, very pretty, but cold. Yesterday morning was gorgeous. The moisture in the air was glittering. Pity my camera wasn't able to get some nice pics of the twinkling air, would have beautiful.

Made my tamales, definitely need to get parchment paper. Wax paper works in a pinch, but is a wee bit messy, parchment would be better. Hubby didn't care for them, the texture of the masa didn't appeal to him at all. Oh well, all the more for me hehehehehehehe. They are working well for lunch at work. Pull a couple from the freezer, pop them in my lunch box and then when lunch time rolls around, nuke them and nosh.

Going gluten free has been a pain. So much that I used to grab and take for granted has to be carefully thought about. I still need to go thru the pantry and weed out all the stuff I can't eat and hubby doesn't like. Picked up another gluten free cook book from the library, has a recipe for pizza crust I want to try. The author says it is freezable, if so, then I will be able to have pizza crusts stashed in the deep freeze for when I want. I did make pizza with the Bob's Red Mill pizza crust mix, was quite yummy and it is nice to know I have an option I can just grab at the store.

Huckleberries at Rosauers has a great selection of gluten free things, esp the Tinkyada GF pastas. I love their brown rice spaghetti and I made lasagna this weekend using their brown rice lasagna noodles. Could't tell the difference between then and regular wheat lasagna noodles. They parboiled nicely until pliable and finished cooking thru perfectly when I baked it.

The only problem is I wish GF foods didn't cost so much more then regular. But then again, I have noticed the prices are starting to come down a bit, so I guess as more and more people start developing problems with gluten, GF will eventually become a lot more affordable.

Baked the chocolate cake from Nameste. OH YUM!!! Took it to New Years. Split it between some friends and I came home with part of the cake, some GF chocolate chip cookies and some GF chocolate death cheese cake.

Need to see about picking up another pork roast to toss in the crock pot. Almost thru the one I did last week. Managed to stretch it out for quite a few meals. Have to see if I can find a really good deal on chicken thighs and see about doing the same thing. Will do the same with a big hunk o'beef, if I can find one cheap enough. I do need to get back into advanced menu planing and once a month cooking, esp now that I am going gluten free. It will make meals a lot easier.

I'll start taking down the decorations tonight. I will keep some of the new LED lights out, I want to string them across the living room ceiling so we can have some cool light in the living room. Need to make a complete inventory of what I have. I do know I have a green rope light I got a few years back I haven't even taken out of the box. I am feeling the urge to do some serious re-decorating, but what I want to do is a little out of budget and winter time is not the best time (painting the living room for one), so will have to see what I can do with lights and decluttering a bit.