The saga continues (hopefully for not much longer)

The one electrical company got back with hubby with a quote and an estimated time of 3 days. And reluctance to work out a payment plan.

Not acceptable. So hubby called another company who couldn't get anyone out until this morning. So we settled in for the night.

Our neighbor pointed out that there was a power outlet on the pole with our meter, so the hubby ran an extension cord in thru the back door so we could at least have phone, internet and some light in the living room on a power bar. I then ran an extension cord from the power bar and plugged in the fridge and deep freeze. We had a battery powered radio, the dragon for heat and oil lamp to put in the kitchen. I had the butane burner to cook and heat water on. We had running water, lots of blankets on the bed and good thermies to change into and wear under clothes.

We'd picked up hubby a sub sandwich for his dinner and I cooked brown rice spaghetti with blue cheese and a 3 cheese blend for me:

Pasta by lamp light

Pasta by lamp light

Very yummy.

I've a Christmas party for the Palouse Women's Artists tonight, so I made a Christmas ornament out of old hard drive read arms that hubby had scavenged from some old hard drives and some wire. Not the most professional wire wrap job, but then again, I'm not that much of an artist with stuff LOL! Party will be fun. I was originally thinking about skipping because of the electrical problems, but hubby talked me out of that and to go. I only have some corn/flax gluten free chips to take, since the electrical problem ment that the hummus I was going to whip up last night didn't happen. But it should be fine.

We went to bed early, turning off the dragon as we don't like to keep anything burning like that unattended. Between the cats and lots of blankets, we slept warm enough. I will say tho, that thermies and flannel sheets really don't go together. They act like Velcro and make rolling over in bed damned difficult.

Hubby was up early as the new electrical guy was supposed to call about 7am. He got the dragon going, along with coffee. I finally crawled out of bed before 8, dressed and had coffee. The electrical guy had forgotten to call, but he arrived shortly there after.

He checked things over, and long story short, we should be back up and running today. Bigger electrical panel so he will have to cut out more of the wall. Who cares, we'll have electricity. They guy also seemed more knowledgeable then the one yesterday (not to mention older) and gave hubby more confidence in that the job would be done right.

So it will probably end up costing us more, but the company also seemed to be willing to work with us and I can't wait to be fully back in the 21st century. Living primitive is fine when I've planned for it, not when it is thrust upon me LOL!