Have had a very nice weekend. Friday was a day off and I am off this week.

Woke up Saturday morning after sleeping in and stumbled out for coffee. Eventually made some gluten free blueberry muffins from a recipe I found on Suite 101. I left out the flax meal as I didn't get any. They were delish and hubby loved them. I'd fried up a mess o'bacon to go with them and pulled the Irish butter out of the freezer:


Watched A Christmas Carol and A Christmas Story and then opened prezzies and then off to a friends for dinner and the evening. A very nice time.

Sunday was another day to sleep in. I put a pork roast in the crock pot to cook and some pinto beans onto soak. Plans for those will be tamales later in the week once I pick up some parchment paper to steam them in (I'll be skipping the corn husks).

Today is a putter about the house day and enjoy my Christmas lights. We scored more LED lights at Shopko, so next year will be serious lightage. I even have a string of LED icicle lights to go outside next year.

A friend gave me some homemade GF bread on Saturday, so yesterday I had grilled cheese sandwiches.

OH HEAVEN!!!!!!!

It's been a couple months since I've had a sandwich and you never now how much you will miss something so simple as a sandwich until you have to give them up because they make you feel icky when you eat them. I need to get the bread recipe from the friend who made it so I can make my own. I am slowly stocking up on the things I need. Bought a package of xanthum gum to put into the muffins. Since the flours used for GF don't have gluten, you need to add other things to get a similar result.

Picked up a package of Namaste chocolate cake mix, might bake that today if I have time. I'll do the same kind of glaze frosting as I did for the vanilla cake.

Sun is shining, at least for a while. Have to figure out house to get some sunshine into the house.