MMMMMMMM, sweet electricity

Looks like we are back up and running. The electrician was back yesterday, I guess the box/panel he put in had to go in a certain way and I don't think it was the way he'd put it in the first time. But we now have a new breaker box and everything is humming along fine.

Just have to put the dryer back together and we are all set.

I am really not looking forward to what the bill is going to come to. The electrician works on the commercial end of things, home repairs aren't his thing, so wasn't sure how much everything was going to cost. I am hoping that him coming back the 2nd day isn't going to be added to the bill.

Have a bit of clean up to deal with, nothing too bad. Need to seal the hole in the door where the extension cord was run thru.

We've a friend coming to visit this weekend, looking forward to a relaxing couple of days visiting.