Yikes! A seriously wild and woolly night!!!!!!

They clocked a gust out at the airport this morning at 85 mph about 1:30 am. I, of course, was awake to feel it as the power went out at 1am and the CPAPs turned off, as did the furnace.

We puttered about a bit, got alternative heating ready, hubby went out to lower the flag pole before it snapped off and got the inverter out of the car (we'd taken it from the bedroom for some reason and forgot to bring it back in) and got the CPAPs up and running on the battery and went back to bed. Power came back on again about 2:15. So we went back to house power.

Big mistake. The CPAPs kept blipping on and off with the power fluctuations all night. Should have kept them on the battery. We'll know if it happens next time. Just aren't used to the power being that flaky all night.

Power went out again about 6am, so finally got up. Lit the oil lamps, brought in the little dragon and fired up the butane burner to heat water for coffee. Pulled out the emergency radio and hubby hooked the modem/router up the the battery and inverter so we had internet.

Power came back on about 7ish, so we turned on the news and I pulled up my computer. Had fun because the power kept going out and coming back on. I finally gave up on both TV and computer, too much hassle turning everything back on and just listened to the radio.

No serious damage around our house. Some tiny branches off the tree. The wind did slam our little Workmate table into the support for the porch roof, breaking one of the boards, so we'll have to repair that. The wind may have shifted the satellite dish a bit, so hubby will need to get that pointed back int he right direction.

All in all, we came out of the wind storm fairly unscathed. Lots of trees and power lines down in the area and some people still don't have power at all.