Nice weekend

Hit Winco yesterday and picked up the turkey and quite a few of the fixin's for Thursday. The bird is in the fridge thawing. Also picked up a ham to fix for Wednesday dinner. Will have some of the ham for turkey day for a little variety.

Got the yams on for the sweet potato casserole. Picked up a couple packages of Bob's Red Mill GF bread mix to make the stuffing for the bird. Also picked up rice flour for whatever flour I need for other recipes. The pumpkin pies will not be GF, I usually have some filling leftover, so I will freeze that into a couple of containers I can pop in the oven to bake for my dessert. I'll pick up the stuff I need for the green bean casserole on Wednesday since I will want it fresh.

Got season 2 of Dexter on thru Netflix. Have a couple DVDs still to watch and then get those sent back. Tea is on, laundry is in the dryer and a lot of puttering is going to happen.