Happy Thanksgiving!

Hopefully all my American friends are having a good one and hope all my non-American friends are having a good day where ever you are :)

The turkey is in the oven, crammed full of stuffing made with two loaves of the Bob's Red Mill GF bread mix I did yesterday in the bread machine. I even have enough to put in a little casserole to bake later. I will make the regular bread dressing for the rest of the people a bit later. That will go in the oven when the bird comes out.

The sides are all thawing in the fridge and I have everything I need for the green bean casserole.

The house is already smelling yummy from the turkey. Dinner will be about 4pm.

Will have lots of pictures tomorrow.

Got the Tig into the house yesterday. He's only made half hearted attempts to go back out side. I think he's finally realized that it is so much nicer inside.