Count down to turkey day

17 days until the big day. To that end I now have the mashed potatoes in the freezer so those are out of the way. I'll look at making the pies this next weekend and look at the sweet potato side. Haven't decided on my traditional sweet potatoes or go with the sweet potato casserole I did a couple years ago. Leaning towards the sweet potato bake tho. If I do AB's green bean casserole, I will probably do that a day or two a head of time. Then all I have to deal with on the big day is the turkey, dressing and gravy.

Have to decide how much of the dinner is going to be gluten free. The pies won't be and the stuffing won't be, but I think the gravy will be since I find that white rice flour does a really nice job, better then flour and I don't get all the floury lumps. If I go with the sweet potato casserole I'll probably use rice flour for the topping instead of regular flour. Do the same with the green bean casserole and just eliminate the bread crumbs.

So since I will be back on wheat in anticipation of the blood test, I won't be going overboard with it and if I do have problems, it shouldn't be too bad (I hope). So half and half gluten free turkey day should be okay in the meantime.

Had a fairly quiet weekend. Saturday we puttered about a bit and then hung out with friends on Saturday night. Got home, moved most of the clocks back and went to bed. The weather was so nice on Saturday, pity we didn't get out fishing.

Sunday was a definite stay home and not do a whole hell of a lot day. I did manage to get a 4 bean soup with a ham hock going in my little crock pot. Made for a yummy dinner. Did the mashed potatoes and a couple loads of laundry and some dishes.

Had to pop out to the store to pick up some marine sealant. The &%^$ stove pipe over the entertainment unit was leaking again and of course I couldn't find the tube we had. Got that mostly sealed up and duct taped the heck out of it. Still need to get up with some plastic and do a bit more sealing just to make sure.

Still need to do a bit of weatherizing.Just the one kitchen window and the front door and we should be set. Have to haul one of the kerosene heaters in from the shed and have that at the ready in case of power outages. Also need to bring the snow shovel out so it won't snow LOL!