Overnight temps are getting seriously cold. I've started bringing in the inserts to seal windows. Have to finish taping off the bedroom window and bring in the insert for the back door. We've currently got a chunk of reflectix over it and a very confused Rum Tum who was trying to figure out where the back door disappeared to. Wait 'til the rest of the windows disappear, he is going to be one very unhappy kitty LOL!

A pretty nice weekend. Friday night made more falafel patties, this time I didn't mix the rice flour in using the food processor, but by hand. I also poured some olive oil onto the electric griddle and cooked them on it. Came out nicely, tho I will have to come up with something to add some moisture to the patties as they were a bit dry. Maybe add a bit of olive oil to the mix.

Once those were done I then soft fried some corn tortillas on the griddle and then made falafel tacos with cheese, roma tomatoes and tzatziki sauce. YUM!!!!

Saturday started WAY too damned early. We've a friend in Spokane who just got a new laptop and his old computer was failing and needed his data transferred to the laptop. So we went up so the hubby could work on them. But our friend works nights, so we needed to be there VERY early on Saturday.

He is a sweetie, he had coffee ready when we got there.

The hubby got the work done and we puttered about Spokane hitting a few of the bigger thrift stores. NOT a good idea on a Saturday leading up to Halloween. I thought I was going to beat a number of rather rude shoppers. But I managed to restrain myself and we wandered out tot he valley to Timber Greek Grill for a late buffet lunch. We'd originally planned on Dick's Drive in, but since I am off wheat at the moment decided to find someplace I could conceivably manage to avoid it. Not a bad lunch, tho we weren't quite as impressed as the last time we'd eaten there, tho that was at dinner time and they had a bigger selection of meats and the grill was open.

Didn't stay too long in Spokane, hit Coeur d'Alene for gas before heading home and arriving about 5:30. It has been a while since we got back home from Spokane before dark.

Sunday was a whirlwind of finishing cleaning the house as I had friends coming over for a Partylite party I was hosting for a friend. I put on coffee and tea and had cookies. Hubby ran away LOL! He spent the time with another friend of ours while I had girls afternoon at home. It was very nice. I ordered some scent concentrate to use in my little water wall I have on the buffet and some votive candles as I am running seriously short of them. There was a ton of really neat things I would have loved to have ordered, but until the budget has room for it, have to just dream.

Now that I have the house clean enough I should see about having some movie and martini nights soon. Or even a Mahjong and martini evening.