Serious outrageousness

Via Dave Oliveria over at Huckleberries Online we get the word that some idiot White House staffer refused to let the family of the late Vernon Baker, Medal of Honor recipient, on a tour arraigned for them while in the area for Mr Baker's internment at Arlington. Seems the 10 year old grandson was wearing a tshirt with his grandpa's picture on it.

The staffer claimed the kid wasn't dressed appropriately. That he violated the White House tour dress code. I looked up the White House Tour website.............

What dress code? There is no dress code listed at all. The only White House dress code mentioned anywhere on Google from any credible source was from the era of Bush the Lessor. Not one credible source I can find (tourist info websites for DC) has anything about there being a dress code currently. In fact, the sites where people are asking questions in recent months say there is no dress code.

But, but, they were going to tour the West Wing and it is special and there is a dress code for that and tshirts are verboten

Okay, why then was the family not informed of that before hand? The family checked into possible dress codes before going to DC, so why weren't they informed of them then. Why aren't any special dress codes listed on the web page. It isn't that damned difficult to add text to a page for Christ's sake! Hell, since it was a specially arraigned tour, why weren't they contacted by the people from the White House to let them know of any dress codes?

Dave reports he got a hold of Walt Minnick's office and they are now demanding an apology. Crapo's office is also involved. Unless said apology is paired with that staffer getting ripped a new one and immediate re-assignment to scrubbing toilets with a tooth brush, if not an immediate firing any apology is going to be pretty pale. This kid was looking forward to the tour, even had a copy of Obama's book in case the president was there to have him sign it.

The idiot who turned the family away needs to have a clue bat applied up along side the head and with any luck it will knock loose any common sense the idiot might have hiding there. We are talking about a 10 year old kid!  A 10 year old kid who loved his grandpa so much that he proudly wore a t-shirt with his grandpa's picture on it for a special tour of The People's House  and he was told it wasn't good enough to be worn in the White House.

(Hint to the idiot staffer, you don't own the White House, WE THE PEOPLE own it! Get that straight! Shirts bearing the picture of our heros are NOT inappropriate in the People's House)

If the staffer had any common sense the least he could have done was make an exception for the 10 year old grandson of a Medal of Honor(and don't EVEN get me started on the other story here about Medal of Honor recipientThomas Norris, retired FBI and Navy SEAL being turned away) and let the family take the tour. Idiot could have called a supervisor to come and make the decision and allow the family on the tour.

But NOOOOOOO!!!!! Idiot had to to out of his way to disappoint a 10 year old boy who lost his beloved grandpa this past July and finally saw him laid to rest in Arlington

I sincerely hope karma bites the idiot in the butt and the people around him learn a serious lesson that common sense is not to be tossed out the window simply because you work in the White House.

UPDATE: The White House has invited the family back.