Oy vey!

Been a very busy last several days. We went on vacation over to the Vancouver/Portland area for my hubby's sister's wedding. She is now properly married and no longer living in sin LOL! Got LOTS of pictures over the last week, so I will be very busy processing them.

We left on Thursday and got to my mom's place after rush hour, so that was very nice. She had dinner ready and we kicked back and visited with her and my brother and just relaxed for the evening.

Friday we got up and after coffee with my mom, headed over to my sis-in-laws to meet the rest of the family and hang out. Got to see my nieces and nephews (both old and new), my soon to be brother-in-law and his parents. Hung out there for a while visiting, taking pics (still to be processed) and then it was girls day at the nail salon while the female half of the wedding party got their nails done. I figured heck, why not and went for a simple mani:





Afterwards we hit the local mall and I managed to score a couple very nice blouses at Torrid on sale. Then it was back to sis-in-law's to hang out and have dinner. She made a ham and pirogies. Forgot to get the pirogie recipe from her, have to do that. They were delish.

Managed some pics of at least Oscar:


And Jack (here with Ms Ella):

Ms Ella & Jack

I kept trying to get pics of their other dog Maia, but she kept moving just as I snapped a pic.

Saturday we headed back over for a quick rehearsal and then a bit of puttering about shopping for us. Then it was back to the house to get ready. Hubby was officiating and we had a poet's shirt made for him to go with the kilt I made for him last year. He looked fantastic. Sorry, I won't be posting any pics of him, he dislikes having his pic taken at the best of times and I promised I wouldn't post any of him if I can help it.

The wedding went nicely, tho the old adage of never working with kids or animals is still very true today. The littles were littles and the dog Jack, who had a part towards the end wasn't really thrilled with it as he just wanted to sleep and rest his old bones.

But the ceremony was beautiful, I only teared up 3 or 4 times. I did notice some snifflage from the wedding party and the hubby choked up once (he certainly wasn't expecting that).

LOTS of pictures where taken and then it was time to change back into more comfortable clothes and eat. The grill was fired up and major burger action happened. Cake was cut, wine was poured for toasts and the hubby and I finally wandered back to my mom's to collapse for the evening.

Sunday it was up again and a quick cup of coffee with mom and then off to sis and brother-in-law's for breakfast of crepes, biscuits and gravy (a new taste sensation for the Canadian contingent, who I don't think is still too sure about it. Me, I thought it was totally yummy. I LOVE biscuits and gravy).

Les, my new BIL is a mechanic, so he was going to replace our front brakes for us. He pulled off the first tire and went "Uh oh!" Seems out tires were in pretty bad shape and he didn't think we should be driving on them too much longer. So it was a good thing we hadn't spent as much money as we'd planned, since we needed to buy 4 new tires!


Several people knew of one cheap tire place, so once the brakes were done and approved by Les, the hubby headed out with one of the other guests to see what they could find. They had an adventure, went the wrong way the first time and after several phone calls (I am getting to like having a cell phone) and consultations with various denizens of the household, they finally found the place, only to find they were closed. So they headed to another tire place, but we discovered they were closed thru a quick phone call and let them know and they headed back.

In the meantime. Shirl (my SIS) was doing people's hair. She is a certified hair dresser and she cut my hair. While we were at it, I said "hell, why not!" and she streaked my hair and it now has purple and lavender streaks:



Hubby finally made it back and we headed back to mom's for dinner. We popped out again for a bit to do a little more shopping and to pick up a frame for the picture of my bother's cat Lyra I had taken that mom loved and we got printed out while were were out and bout on Saturday. It was early bed as my mom was flying out very early Monday morning to go to Scotland on a group tour.

So we were up at WAY too early in the morning on Monday, but we got my mom to the airport without a hitch and then it was back to her place for more sleep.

Crawled out of bed and headed for SIL's and the hubby commenced to shopping for tires. Guess who isn't open on Labor Day? He did find one place that was open, but they couldn't get the tires we needed until Tuesday, so we said fine and headed over to Portland to shop.

Hit Lloyd Center and the Torrid there and I picked up another blouse, a really retro halter top. We also found a pirate store:

Captain Henry's Pirate Shop, Lloyd Center, Portland OR

Captain Henry's Pirate Shop, Lloyd Center, Portland OR

That is a VERY dangerous store. Managed to get out of there with only a glow in the dark Zombie Devil Ducky, a pirate mouse pad for a friend and a flintlock water pistol.

Drove around Portland for a bit and then found a great Asian buffet place in Beaverton for lunch. Then back to more shopping. We were starting to get a bit tired, so headed back to mom's for a nap. Had planned on going back out for the evening, but I was WAY to tired, so we visited with my brother some more and then it was off to bed again.

So Tuesday we were up again and off to Portland after packing up the car and not waking up my brother, who was crashed int he living room after staying up half the night programming.

We made our way to the Gresham Tire Factory as the tires we had were bought at our local Tire Factory and were under warrenty. The guys there were able to verify it with ours and they set us up with new tires. Now we could head on home without worrying about a blowout at 70 mph!

So it was off to lunch, found a really nice little place called Sam's Cafe that had seriously great burgers. Have to go there again as they had a Hawaiian thing going and they had some seriously yummy looking spam dishes.

Gased up the car and we were FINALLY on the road by 1pm.

Did a little sightseeing on the way home. I've been wanting to stop at Multnomah Falls for years, so we finally did. Had Ms Ella with me and I made LOTS of people smile. After I'd taken her pic, a very nice lady offered to snap a pic of us:

Ms Ella at Multnomah Falls, OR

That is the blouse I got from Torrid on Monday.

Got some really nice B&W photos of the falls:

Multnomah Falls

And then it was onto Maryhill where Ms Ella and I got our picture taken again:

Ms Ella at Maryhill Museum of Art

Wandered about outside there for a bit, then onto Stonehenge (pics forthcoming when they are processed) and then finally turned the car for home. We stopped for a quick bit in Kennewick at the Shari's there (I am really liking Sheri's, good coffee and free wifi).

We finally made it home about 10pm, limping in on fumes to Pullman where we grabbed enough gas in the car to get us home. I was so glad to be home. Threw a quick load of laundry in and then crashed.

All in all, had a wonderful time. The big cities are great to visit, but I am still not at all sure about living anywhere near there, tho the shopping is great, the diversity is fantastic and there was a Pho shop on I swear every corner LOL!!