School is back in session and it has been a busy week at work, not too mention back to my regular workday schedule.

Going to seriously miss my 3 day weekends, but now is time to save up my annual leave again so I can take them again next summer.

In the meantime I'll have to squeeze all the stuff I haven't done yet into two day weekends and hope the weather holds long enough to get things like finishing painting the trailer, shed and Da Odder Boat:

Da odder boat

Da odder boat

Need to pick up more paint. I don't have enough to finish the first coat and will need more for a 2nd. Then I need to finally decided what pattern to paint and get that color.

Haven't been doing too much cooking this week, usually tossing something together for dinner out of whatever I can find in the deep freeze. Need to do a serious inventory of the freezers and the pantry so I can see what I can plan a head of time for a change.

The Tigger project is ticking along. For the most part he only comes in if we are either in bed or he thinks were aren't up and about. He did come in when we were up the other night, so I closed the back window for a while and had him in for a bit so he could get used to being around us a lot more. Had to God gun Scrapper tho, he kept taking a swing at Tigger when Tigger walked by. I made sure Tigger had a nice big dollop of wet food and gave him scritches and then opened up the window again so he could go out.

Still having lots of fun with my camera. More pics forth coming LOL!