The hubby surprised me after work today:


I've been needing a new point and shoot camera, my poor old Nikon Coolpix is ailing. We'd gotten a coupon book from Costco the other day and they had the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH20 on sale. We'd planned on looking at it then next time we went to Costco, but in the meantime we'd looked it up on the web and found favorable reviews.

So my sneaky hubby went an bought me one. I am so loving it. It has lots of great features and will a good replacement for my Coolpix and I can save up for the DSLR camera I would like to eventually upgrade to (once I figure out which one. SO many cameras, so little money LOL!).

One of the fun features is being able to shoot in black and white:



Managed to get some nice pics of Phoebe, who is a very hard kitty to get pictures of (unlike Rum Tum):



I can't wait to try all the other features and settings and see what I can do with it.