Thank the Ghodz for AC

Just too danged hot. Not doing terribly well with the heat. Got the AC installed this weekend into the bedroom, so now we have at least one place in the house to escape to. Still have to install the one in hubby's office.

Lovely start to the week. Rum Tum brought in a young grouse this morning and let it loose. We really need to convince him mommy and daddy know how to catch our own birds and he doesn't need to try and train us. Luckily this bird was easier to catch the the still missing sparrow Rum Tum brought in previously.

But birdy was successfully caught and released back outside with only a missing feather or two. Rum Tum and Scrapper spent a bit of time trying to figure out where it went, wandering around the living room and kitchen and looking up on shelves and such.

Scored at the the bone yard in Lewiston on Friday. We picked up a new spare tire winch, headlight assembly AND a front quarter panel for $100. Hubby got the winch installed Friday night, so the spare tire is no longer riding around i the back of the van. The headlight went in on Saturday and we'll get the quarter panel when we can get the car jacked up and the tire off. Now we just need to get a trailer hitch and we are all set for camping and boating.

Too hot to do much cooking. I did fire up the grill yesterday and cook some walla walla sweets in foil with soy sauce, garlic powder and butter. Came out yummy. I also grilled some boneless pork. I'll probably thaw out some chicken for dinner tonight and grill it also. If I feel like eating.