Kind of a busy weekend

Picked up some silicon sealant on Friday and I went home and sealed the snot out of the new boat. Saturday we flipped it over, hoisted it up a bit and put water in it and let it sit for a while. No leaks we could see. So when it cooled down a bit, we swapped boats on the trailer and took the new one out to Spring Valley to see if we still had a live fish well or a boat:

View from the new boat

Managed to get all the leaks sealed up, so next step is to start painting it. We picked up some aluminum primer in white, so that will be the next step. Still haven't determined what the final paint scheme will be, I am leaning towards a snow leopard pattern.

Finally turned the rest of the futon into a bench for outside. Still need to do a little more work on it and then paint it, but with a cushion on top it makes a great place to camp out under the tree to stay cool. The cats love it.

Put all the glass windows I had collected for a greenhouse back up on the freeexchange. Couldn't quite come up with a good way to use them. I'll go a different route using 2X4s and plastic for the greenhouse instead. Most, it not all will be going to a new home sometime in the next couple days. Any they don't want will go back up, unless I decide to use them for cold frames at some point.

Made burgers for dinner last night. I used ground beef and ground elk. 2/3s beef, 1/3 elk. Simple seasoning, just salt and pepper when I put them on the grill. Very tasty, tho I think they would have been better with a half and half mix, the elk flavor would have been stronger then. I am finally getting the hang of my gas grill.

The buns I'd planned on using had gone off, even tho I'd stored them in the fridge. So hubby had his burgers on plain bread while I went bun-less. I topped mine with blue cheese on one and hard goat cheese o the other. Very yummy. I made a couple extra to toss on and brought one to work with some medium cheddar cheese to melt on it.

Saturday night I made steak neptune since I didn't have any fresh fish (nary a nibble while we were out). I thawed a small roast and tossed it on the grill with a little seasoning. Very yummy and a nice after fishing dinner.

Yesterday was a putter about the house and take it easy day. Watched a lot of Netflix and processed photos.

Tigger is getting skittish around me again, not sure why. I think tho he came in during the night and got into the grease can I keep on the back of the stove. It was knocked over and someone pawed out some grease. Luckily there wasn't that much in there as I'd recently put out a new can as the other was full. We've been feeding him plenty of food, both dry and canned, but I guess he wanted a treat.

Speaking of kitties, Rum Tum ignored my letter. He brought in a bird and let it loose in the kitchen. Tried catching it, almost had it once, then it got away and went down behind the fridge. Short of pulling everything out from the wall (fridge, freezer, shelves) all I could do was pull the fridge out a bit and hope the bird could get out from behind. Haven't seen hide nor feather, so I think it is probably deceased.


So I will have to pull the fridge somehow and find the corpse soon.